UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot PTM Description

Compositional data available: 74 compositions reported:

Asn180 [Hex]5 [HexNAc]2 [Hex]3 [HexNAc]3 [Hex]3 [HexNAc]4 [dHex]2 [Hex]3 [HexNAc]4 [NeuAc]1 [Hex]3 [HexNAc]4 [NeuAc]1 [dHex]2 [Hex]3 [HexNAc]5 [Hex]5 [HexNAc]3 [NeuAc]1 [dHex]1 [Hex]5 [HexNAc]4 [Hex]5 [HexNAc]4 [dHex]1 [Hex]5 [HexNAc]4 [dHex]2 [Hex]5 [HexNAc]4 [NeuAc]1 [Hex]5 [HexNAc]4 [NeuAc]1 [dHex]1 [Hex]5 [HexNAc]4 [NeuAc]2 [Hex]5 [HexNAc]5 [Hex]5 [HexNAc]5 [dHex]1 [Hex]5 [HexNAc]5 [NeuAc]1 [Hex]6 [HexNAc]4 [Hex]6 [HexNAc]4 [dHex]1 [Hex]6 [HexNAc]4 [NeuAc]2 [Hex]3 [HexNAc]6 [Hex]4 [HexNAc]3 [NeuAc]1 [Hex]4 [HexNAc]3 [Hex]4 [HexNAc]3 [dHex]1 [Hex]4 [HexNAc]3 [NeuAc]1 [dHex]1 [Hex]3 [HexNAc]3 [dHex]1 [Hex]3 [HexNAc]4 [Hex]3 [HexNAc]4 [dHex]1 [Hex]4 [HexNAc]4 [dHex]1 [Hex]4 [HexNAc]4 [dHex]2 [Hex]4 [HexNAc]4 [NeuAc]1 [Hex]4 [HexNAc]4 [NeuAc]1 [dHex]1 [Hex]4 [HexNAc]4 [NeuAc]2 [Hex]4 [HexNAc]5 [Hex]4 [HexNAc]5 [dHex]1 [Hex]4 [HexNAc]6 [Hex]4 [HexNAc]7 [NeuAc]1 [Hex]3 [HexNAc]5 [dHex]1 [Hex]4 [HexNAc]4

180 [Hex]5 [HexNAc]4 [dHex]1 [NeuAc]1

Asn176 [Hex]6 [HexNAc]3 [NeuAc]1 [dHex]1 [Hex]6 [HexNAc]4 [Hex]6 [HexNAc]4 [NeuAc]1 [Hex]6 [HexNAc]5 [Hex]3 [HexNAc]2 [dHex]1 [Hex]3 [HexNAc]3 [Hex]3 [HexNAc]3 [dHex]1 [Hex]3 [HexNAc]4 [Hex]3 [HexNAc]5 [dHex]1 [Hex]3 [HexNAc]6 [Hex]4 [HexNAc]2 [dHex]1 [Hex]4 [HexNAc]3 [Hex]4 [HexNAc]3 [dHex]1 [Hex]4 [HexNAc]4 [Hex]4 [HexNAc]4 [NeuAc]1 [Hex]4 [HexNAc]4 [NeuAc]1 [dHex]1 [Hex]4 [HexNAc]4 [NeuAc]2 [Hex]4 [HexNAc]5 [Hex]4 [HexNAc]5 [dHex]1 [Hex]5 [HexNAc]5 [NeuAc]1 [dHex]1 [Hex]4 [HexNAc]6 [Hex]5 [HexNAc]2 [Hex]5 [HexNAc]3 [NeuAc]1 [dHex]1 [Hex]5 [HexNAc]4 [Hex]5 [HexNAc]4 [dHex]1 [Hex]5 [HexNAc]4 [dHex]2 [Hex]5 [HexNAc]4 [NeuAc]1 [Hex]5 [HexNAc]4 [NeuAc]1 [dHex]1 [Hex]5 [HexNAc]4 [NeuAc]2 [Hex]5 [HexNAc]5 [Hex]6 [HexNAc]5 [NeuAc]2 [Hex]5 [HexNAc]5 [NeuAc]1 [Hex]3 [HexNAc]4 [dHex]1 [Hex]3 [HexNAc]5 [Hex]4 [HexNAc]3 [NeuAc]1 [dHex]1

Glycan Structures

Structure Format

CFG/Essentials Text Oxford

References 2

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